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RealLife Church Closing

  1. Why are we closing RealLife?
    1. As of January 15, 2017 Real Life Christian Church will no longer be meeting on Sunday mornings. The decision to discontinue RealLife Sunday services was not an easy one. With the resignation of the Lead Pastor and declining attendance, it became apparent that we needed to do this to be good stewards of God’s resources & people.
    2. Many of the members of the RealLife family have poured their heart and soul into this church, in order for it to be a place where families could grow together both spiritually and physically.
    3. We would encourage you to continue to meet weekly in your Life Groups and we are planning to have all of the Life Groups come together on the last Saturday of each month to share and celebrate our community. Also the ladies are planning to continue getting together for various events, including Bunco.
    4. We also want to encourage you to find another church, and to that end, we will be posting on the church website/Facebook page a list of small, medium, and large churches that we believe share the philosophical beliefs of Real Life.
  2. What about the RealLife small groups?
    1. We continue to encourage members of RealLife small groups to meet and stay together in community. Our desire is to keep the spirit of RealLife growing within the East Valley, this of course is completely up to each of us.  We are planning to have monthly or quarterly “SuperGroup” (multiple small group) gatherings to keep the RealLife members connected and the spirit of our church alive. We’ll organize this through the RealLife Facebook page monthly or quarterly. These events could be service events, worship events or just a time of fellowship to connect all of the RealLife family together.  More information will be put on the or Facebook pages.
    2. First “SuperGroup” gathering:  Where & When: Discovery Park, January 28th @ 12:00pm.

If you have any questions, please email “” and someone will respond to you within 24 hours.


Life Groups  

If you are interested in joining, hosting, leading or co-leading a group for the fall semester please send an email to to get connected.


Prayer Requests

Please send an email to “” to communicate your prayer requests. The staff, elders, small groups and prayer team all pray through our weekly requests.