Life Groups

Life groups are the heart and soul of Real Life Christian Church.  It is the best place to get connected and to become a better follower of Christ.  In fact, we believe that Life groups best exemplify what Jesus wants the church to be and look like.

At every life group the group will process what it learns about God, humanity and how they can apply it to these teaching to their lives.  It doesn’t matter your experience in church, knowledge of the Bible, age, gender, life situation.  All ages and all people are welcome.  Honestly, the best way to let you know about life groups is for you to give it a try.  If you have any questions about life groups please email our life group pastor Robert Archer at

These groups meet at people’s homes once a week for about two hours. Childcare is provided at most groups. The size of the groups is usually between 6 and 14 people. If you are interested in finding one of our Life Groups, stop by the Welcome table on Sunday or click on the button below.

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For life group questions click below. To listen to the sermons,click HERE:


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